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Quality commitment

A team of 400 people including doctors, nurses, anesthetists, physiotherapists, paramedics, midwives and many other medico-surgical skills is at the service of your health at the Errachid Polyclinic.

All our care takes place within ensuring respect of the fundamental human values translated in the form of the patient’s rights in terms of confidentiality, access to information, therapeutic choices, etc.

Strategic plan

As part of a continuous quality approach, the Errachid Polyclinic is responsible for setting up and institutionalizing an effective quality management system with the aim of acquiring accreditation according to European standards.

And because perfection remains one of our ambitions, we have just put in place actions that reinforce the strategic management of the National Hospital System (NHS). This aims to improve governance capacities and contribute to modernizing the management of public health facilities; always in a perspective of their operation’s autonomy.
Patient journey

At the Errachid Polyclinic, hosts ensure welcoming you in the best conditions and directing you to the good administrative steps to be taken. You are also free to direct them your questions, complaints or suggestions whenever you wish.

This is how we guide our patients in the Errachid Polyclinic, with a service that meets their expectations, allowing them easy access to our adapted care.